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!~*RaZa CaLiEnTe*~!

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pAr-TaY Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 05:17 pm

Mikes 17th Birthday Par-tay!!

Friday August 12, from 6pm-12am

its a tropical party so dress tropicalish

we're gonna have smores~!

6248 st rt 82 in hiram

call sam 330-606-8671!


if you know mike you should come! haha ok!


Jul. 20th, 2005 @ 07:25 pm
so i um died my hair last night...its just darker brown...cant even really tell but i like it a lot!! yay

Jul. 19th, 2005 @ 07:36 pm

P.S. Karl, meet me at the wheel friday night! You know what i mean <3

Jul. 17th, 2005 @ 09:55 pm
Who wants to cheer me up by singing me a song?!? im so depressed and unhappy

pleaseeee Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 02:23 pm
Does anyone want to do anything wednesday...cause im off work...
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» (No Subject)
I got my braces on today....not cool
» ERh
i have akward tan lines....

...that makes me angry
» (No Subject)
Day one of GEAUGA LAKE

My game is right in the sun with no protection but a tiny umbrella

My feet hurt from standing for 7:00 hours

I had so much fun and i made more money than most games in the park b/c of my awesome social skills! i freaking rock!

Come visit me at geauga lake...i work at scale #2 its right across from the entrence to the serial thriller Or now called THUNDER HAWK

I can guess your age, weight , or birthday month. and if you can beat me you can win one of our cute, and lovable prizes. Age within 2 years, weight within 3 pounds, birthday month within 2 months! COME AND PLAY (thats mostly what i have to say to the guests!)

<3 Kristi
» needed

A guys who can:

treat me right
Make me feel wanted
Always know when im down
Always give me hugs!
call me sometime
Talk to me about their problems
And actually stay with me!

any takers!
» ok...

so i ve got training saturday morning for geauga lake!!! i get to start work on monday!! im so pumped! and i think the uniforms are so cute!!


5 things i truly hate!Collapse )

» EK!!!
OK so this weekend has been so incredibly boring

Someone call me so we can do something this week

The only highlight of this week is christie mocny coming over friday and us going to the movies...that was fun

Any where you go with christie mocny is fun

DO you like my new picture....i like my hair in this picture!
» (No Subject)
Ok so we got back from myrtle beach on saturday so i have some pictures but they are taking their good old time to go into my photobucket so i will post them later!

I have volley ball from 9-12 in the morning...this sucks!
» This is really freaking scary

I got this from someone and i was really freaked out! Collapse )


OMG! last night was so much freaking fun!!

Me, leona, callie and britt went up to teen night in kent!

We danced for like 3 hours straught..and i got to  go up on the stage and dance!

I have never danced so hard! ahh

» can't wait!
AHhh i cant wait till tomorrow! im going to my friends party and then we're going to go to teen night in kent! i cant wait to go dancing! yes! haha!

Only 1 full day and exams left of school! yes!
» Livin la vida loca!

So come and see me dance this weekend! haha i get to shimmy and shake to Livin la vida loca! hah and wear this awesome cute little white dress! im so freaking excited! haha! well, maybe......i've been thinking!

I hate my image and i wanna change it! i dont know how or why but i just hate the way i look! i mean im getting braces july 7 and ill have them till like right before my senior year, but its not just that! i cant explain what im trying to say! haha oh well!

Just come and see us DANCE AND SHAKE this weekend! haha

I will love you forever!

» Picture post
NVM this picture thing~! i give up!
» (No Subject)

ok heres some  pictures from my camerea which i FOUND! thank god! haha

Well they got kinda cut off somehow when i put them on the computer but here we go!

a pic of sarajane and one of karl!Collapse )

» oh yeah!
So umm the car show like totally rocked yesturday! woohooo! i thought i was gonna have to work the lollipop stand(how boring would that be) so ms. powers told me i could make a sign that said car show and stand out front for all to see!

So me and janelle stood out front a danced around with our sign and collected donations! woohoo we made around 75$ in donations, got about 7 honks from the people on the street & i got told hey by these kids (and they said that hey flitatiously!) haha but it was pretty much sweeet!

Sweet until i got home and i realized i think i left my NEW digital camera on the front steps of the school in my bag! holy crap was i freaking out casue i havent even had that thing for a month...my parents are gonna freak if i cant get it back somehow! im hoping ms. powers found it! HOPE FULLY!

OK i really really like andrew somoskey now!!!
» creepy
I keep getting this really cold chill..like there is a ghost or something around me..kinda creepy..im gonna start freaking out..

OH WAIT! the windows open! haha
» oww...my throat hurts!
So i am so freaking happy that scott got voted off of american idol..so what if hes from cleveland..he sucks!

So i slept in till 1:30 today..that was really nice..but i woke up this morning with my throat hurting so badly everytime i swallowed! so i stayed home! That was nice! yes! no mr. cottrill! haha but ill be there tomorrow..darn


P.s. I've givin up on boys..they confuse me till i cant think anymore..isnt that true?
» Che--che-check che che chek check it out!

hey!! check out muh MY SPACE too!



» why~
I think im gonna take back what i said in my last entry....i wanna like him and i do like him but every time i see him hes with another girl! Its not like im going out with him...buti have to admit that when i see him with someone else..i am Jealous...urgh

» contigo mi vida
Well i thought i was gonna give up but i changed my mind...cause things changed i guess you could say....we're probably going to the movies this weekend...maybe just me and him...or maybe more people too...i like the first option better!

They threw a surprise birthday party for me saturday...it was so much fun cause i didnt suspect it at all! I danced my heart away and got a new digital camera..YES!

Hopefully things turn out! ...(Hopefully)...
» buhbye!
well ive givin up on my live journal...its not like i get comments anyways..so i wont be posting anymore..but iwill comment on yours!

Tech week sucks ass


» umm
Mr. Judd is mean + i hate him
» oh yeah

Well this week has almost sorta rocked! hah

Monday: umm cant remember back that far

Tuesday: went swimming with mike and sam, came home, went to IGA with mi madre....came home ate some food~mike and janine were over, started to watch napoleon dynomite but was rudely interupted by my sister and mikes loudly talking

Wednesday: my cousins from PA came out and we just chilled out and watched Ace ventura when nature calls ~GOD I LOVE THAT MOVIE~

Thurday: went to the mall...saw and heard radio disney where ever i went,,,pretty scary....bought some really cute stuff....got home and suited up and went swimming..but guess who tagged along~~Andrew Somoskey~~ oh yeah ahah we had fun.. but there was this really creepy guy always staring at us when we jumped off the diving board and we were telling him to do cannon balls and stuff and so he would and it was so freaking hilarious! so we told him to do as the indians would do and jump off indian style....and he did....whoa was that scay/funny/creepy/hilarious all at the same time!

Friday: umm watched shaun off the dead...that movie is so funny...went to dots and star bucks..got a shirt..a skirt..2 pairs of shoes..and a vanilla bean frappachino..yum yum..called up andrew somoskey and i was talking to his mom...she like wants to meet me really really bad! its so funny..i love her already


Today: ate easter dinner~Drew on the side walk with side walk chalk~played pictionary junior~turned the pictionary cards into charades~ watched scary movie 2 ~and now here i am!



» bummer
well i tried out for cheerleading but didnt make it


I think that they think im too good that they cant have me on the squad

Yeah thats the reason


No wear to go for spring break

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